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2017 Cross Creek Cabin Fever top 5 teams
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2nd Cheet Lake Club Tournament
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The Washington, PA Bassmasters are affiliated with the B.A.S.S. and West Virginia B.A.S.S. National Federation Nation. We meet throughout the year in Washington county. Originally formed in 1988 by 6 members, our organization is now 25 members strong and growing. To join the Washington, PA Bassmasters or for more information, please contact us.


Mother nature played nice with the field of 35 boats that participated in the 2017 Cross Creek Cabin Fever opener hosted by the Washington Pa Bassmasters,

Temps in the high 60's and cloudy skies with some wind made for one of the more enjoyable days out on the water even if the fish didn't cooperate with all of the teams.

In the end 11 of the 35 teams weighed fish with 1 limit posted by our eventual winners Kevin Terpack and Harry Colberg, Congratulations to this team.

Lunker when to Mark Ockie and Glenn Davis with a fish just under 6 pounds. congratulations to Mark and Glenn for a true wall hanger.

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